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Do you need to ship just a pallet of material over-seas? If so, then you need to look at LCL – Less than Container Load other than FCL (Full Container Load) LCL is the alternative to FCL shipping for anyone without a lot of goods to import at once. The largest advantage LCL has is it’s flexibility.

LCL rates are based on weight and volume. So, to make this easier for you LCL rates are much cheaper than FCL rates because you are only paying for partial of the container space. It is cheaper to ship via LCL – Less than Container Load when your shipment’s volume is under 13m 3   Lower shipping costs with LCL when you need to move partial loads of freight on a global level. OGL offers benefits other 亿电竞(河北)结果查询 companies can’t match. In addition to excellence in service and operations, our LCL ocean freight 亿电竞(河北)结果查询 provide budgetary advantages when shipping international freight.

We are able to offer our clientele these benefits due to the flexibility of port-to-port rates, which are volume-based rather than weight-based. To further your savings and ensure your business deliveries are on time, OGL maintains a range of industry connections that ensure you will always receive competitive overall rates, affordable alternatives to air freight and economical shipping options. By combining your LCL – Less than Container Load shipments with small payloads for other organizations, we are able to arrange fast service with top-of-the-line freight management.

Our LCL ocean freight services provide the following features:

  • Competitive rates
  • Import and export options
  • Instant freight updates
  • Value added services
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • No delay in transit times
  • Inland trucking services with warehouse fulfillment capabilities
  • Maximum flexibility
  • You pay only for the space your freight occupies

Book your LCL shipments with OGL

Your peace of mind is important to the entire OGL 亿电竞(河北)结果查询 team. By partnering with us for all of your LCL ocean freight needs, you are making a decision that will ensure the continued success of your business. OGL will expertly manage your project’s 亿电竞(河北)结果查询 whether you’re shipping international freight to one location or to multiple ports around the world. Achieving total customer satisfaction is our number one goal when it comes to making sure your sensitive or calendar-critical LCL – Less than Container Load cargo arrives on time and in perfect condition.

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